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“Serving Franklin Township residents as a Councilwoman-At-Large a number of years ago was both an honor and a privilege, one I saw as an awesome responsibility. Today, with our state in need of legislators who are first and foremost concerned with doing what is right to put the needs and welfare of the people of New Jersey first, instead of special interests and/or the wishes of Party pundits, I am running to represent you in Trenton—if you live in state legislative district 17 (Franklin, Milltown, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, or Piscataway). If you entrust me with this task, I promise to do all I can to bring good government that works for the people—at such a time as this--into the State Legislature in Trenton.”    

                                            –Catherine Barrier, May 5, 2021


Catherine Barrier has lived and worked in District 17 for most of her adult life—in Franklin for decades now and, prior to moving there, in Piscataway for almost 6 years. Over the years, Ms. Barrier has worked as a teacher of French, English, Writing/Composition, American Civics, and English as a Second Language (ESL) in Franklin, New Brunswick, and Piscataway, as a Realtor ® within much of Central Jersey, and as administrative support for several diverse businesses and corporations--in Franklin, North Brunswick, and Piscataway.


Moreover, she has known people from Milltown and has participated in numerous events within the town, including marching in its fine yearly 4th of July parade down Main Street. She knows the people of the 17th district and the various needs and concerns we all face, and is ready and willing to give back to her community as a state legislator, if entrusted with that responsibility by the district voters (first in the Primary on June 8th and then on Election Day, on November 2nd).

Catherine Barrier for NJ

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