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“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”



--President Thomas Jefferson (in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia on September 23, 1800)


As we move on in the campaign season, more specific issues will be addressed in the News section on a regular basis, but, as an overall statement on some of the current state issues, Ms. Barrier had this to say.

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Upholding the Constitution

So that you might know some of my positions in a general way, let me say that I stand for God and country and life and the U.S. Constitution, for veterans, police, sensible protection of the environment, the 2nd Amendment—and the 1st Amendment (I am against the government and/or corporations silencing the voices raised in opposition to tyranny, corruption, and the official, lying MSM narratives). I am against allowing for illegal immigration (legal immigrants are certainly to be welcomed), sex trafficking, and the lawlessness that are all so prevalent in our country right now.

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Positive Changes for New Jersey

If elected, I seek to make positive changes in the State of New Jersey, changes in education (away from social engineering and indoctrination and back to the basics that can help train students to be truly skilled and qualified to live, work, and vote responsibly), changes in needed infrastructure within the state, changes in out-of-control spending (which is now done with so little accountability to the taxpayers, whose money it is), and changes in the state’s focus—from cronyism and corruption and back toward policies that truly serve the people and support the constitutional rights of all the state residents.

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Holding Phil Murphy Accountable

I wish to see Phil Murphy held accountable for 1) his executive order that mandated that facilities throughout New Jersey take in those who were afflicted with COVID when these facilities were clearly ill-equipped to be able to separate the healthy from the sick—especially when there were other more viable options, such as the ship provided in the Hudson River and the outfitted-for-the-Virus Javits Center in New York City, for 2) his misuse of federal funds (e.g., the Cares Act monies that he did not distribute in a timely manner to eligible New Jerseyans in need—of unemployment checks or business help, etc.; for 3) his using state revenues for programs to help illegal immigrants rather than the residents of the state, all while also tying the hands of ICE officials statewide. And when Murphy stated that the U.S. Constitution (and the Bill of Rights) were “above [his] pay grade” (I actually heard him say it in the interview!), I was LIVID!