Catherine Will Bring Common Sense to State Government and Help the People of NJ--Not Tax Them Out

We need to REJECT the EXTREME POLICIES of the 17TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS!!! They seem to love to raise our taxes!

B O B S M I T H , J O E E G A N & J O E D A N I E L S E N


"Two years ago, the same two assemblymen I'm running against this year voted to tax even rain water that runs off of our properties; how ridiculous is that?!" asks Republican Candidate for Assembly Catherine Barrier.

"Indeed, Senator Bob Smith was a Primary Sponsor of the bill," she continued, "and he, and both my Assembly opponents--Joe Egan and Joe Danielsen--voted for it! Truly, we don't need men like that representing the people of District 17 in Trenton! Instead, we need common sense government that works favorably for all of us."

Voting Records on the Bill (from the NJ State Legislature's Website):

Smith voted for the bill in committee on 5/10/18 (after having been one of its Primary Sponsors)

Egan voted for the bill in an Assembly committee on 10/22/2018, AND

Smith, Egan, and Danielsen all voted for final passage of the bill on 1/31/19.

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